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What are the most famous quotes of 2020?

Quotes of 2020 1. "It's going to disappear one day, it's like a miracle, it will disappear." 2. "I have a responsibility to make sure we protect, as far as possible, people's jobs and incomes." 3. "I’m not going to try it, I vomited last time. That is not a steak, and that is not a sausage roll."

How many questions will you get in the 2021 Quizlet?

And with 2021 fast approaching, we've come up with 100 - yes 100 - questions, split up into various rounds, on things which have taken place this year, coronavirus and all. How many will you get?

How many quiz questions are there in the UK?

We've also rounded up quizzes that contain (in total) a whopping 832 quiz questions and answers on a variety of topics - for that click here. Good luck! 1. On which date was the first lockdown declared in the UK? 2. In which city was George Floyd killed, sparking worldwide protests against police brutality and racism? 3.

How many viewers Did I’m a celebrity 2020 have?

I’m A Celebrity launched with a record 14.3 million viewers in 2020 – what was the name of the Welsh castle where it was filmed? 3. Who won Bake Off’s live final this year? It attracted the show’s biggest audience since it moved from the BBC to C4 in 2017. 4.

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