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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microsoft Edge attendance taking for Google Meet?

Download the new Microsoft Edge Attendance Taking for Google Meet This extension is intended for users who need a simple way to take attendance during a Google Meet. This extension adds a button to the top right bar (next to chat & participant list) to help remember who joined a meeting in Google Meet.

Does Google workspace essentials support attendance tracking?

Attendance tracking is available to Google Workspace Essentials, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus and the Teaching and Learning Upgrade users. Live stream reports are only available for Workspace users with access to the live stream feature.

How do I set up Google Meet?

To do so, first, you’ll need to log in to the Google Meet web desktop client and click on the vertical ellipsis (menu) at the bottom of the screen. Now, go to ‘Settings’ and hit ‘Host controls.’

Why is Google Meet the go-to video-conferencing app for work-from-home meetings?

Thanks to Google’s humongous ecosystem and user-friendly demeanor, a significant section of the work-from-home crowd has chosen Google Meet as its go-to video-conferencing application. This phenomenon has naturally led to large meetings, which has made it almost impossible to keeping track of meeting attendees manually.

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