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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Translate Google?

Steps Visit Google Translate. Open a new web browser window or tab, and type “” in the address bar at the top. Enter the text you would like Google to translate. Enter the text in the left text area provided on the Google Translate page. Select the language of the text entered.

What can Google Translate do?

Google Translate is a service provided by Google to translate a section of text, documents or a webpage into another language. It is known for being inaccurate at times. For example, most of its popularity stems from its translations—which are not exact, but a major basis of incorrect English—often known as Engrish.

What is the best Arabic dictionary app?

5 best English to Arabic dictionaries and phrasebooks for Android Arabic Dictionary and Translator. Price: Free / $6.49 Arabic Dictionary and Translator is a simple app for this kind of stuff. ... English Arabic Translator. English Arabic Translator is another decent, but simple translation app. ... Google Translate. ... Reverso Translation Dictionary. ... Simply Learn Arabic. ... Bonus: Arabic learning apps. ...

What is the translation of Google?

The Google Translate is an online service application where the word documents are translated to the desirable language of the users. Any word files inhabiting in the hard drive of a client, can be translated to any enviable lingo in an uncomplicated fashion by this application toolkit.

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