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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Goldart used for in clay?

Goldart has been used for many years in the pottery and ceramic industries as a body ingredient. It appears in many clay body recipes found in textbooks and magazines. Cedar Heights Bonding is a 50 mesh version of Goldart.

What is Lump metal clay made of?

Lump metal clay in bronze was introduced in 2008 by Metal Adventures Inc. and in 2009 by Prometheus. Lump metal clays in copper were introduced in 2009 by Metal Adventures Inc. and Aida. Because of the lower cost, the bronze and copper metal clays are used by artists more often than the gold and silver metal clays in the American market place.

What is Cedar Heights Goldart clay?

Cedar Heights Goldart is a selectively mined (in southern Ohio), plastic stoneware clay that is airfloated to 200 mesh particle size. It offers excellent working properties and has a wide firing range. It is balanced enough to be used alone. It vitrifies to a light buff at cone 10R (the maximum range is not much beyond that).

What kind of metal clay is used for enameling?

Fine silver metal clay results in objects containing 99.9% pure silver, which is suitable for enameling. Lump metal clay is sold in sealed packets to keep it moist and workable.

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