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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up email notifications in Google Calendar?

To do that, open up Google Calendar, click on the gear icon, and click Settings. Click on the calendar you want to configure (in the left pane) and then scroll down to the General notification section. In this section ( Figure A ), click on the drop-down for Daily agenda and select Email.

Why does Google Calendar send notifications to people who don't use calendar?

Tip: Google Calendar emails notifications to people who don't use Google Calendar when events they’re invited to are created, updated, or deleted. Important: You must open Google Calendar in an internet browser, like Google Chrome or Safari, to change notification settings. You might be asked to let show notifications.

How do I turn off notifications and event reminders for Google Calendar?

On this screen are all of the options for configuring notifications and event reminders for your Google Calendar. Click the box under the Email column for each type of notification that you want to turn off. You can also disable reminders in the top section of this window by clicking the remove link to the right of the reminder setting.

How do I edit my Google Calendar settings?

Open Google Calendar . In the top right, click Settings Settings. On the left, under "Settings for my calendars," click the calendar you want to change Calendar settings. To edit your notifications: Choose if you want to receive a notification or an email.

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