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Frequently Asked Questions

Do geniuses really exist?

Genius Doesn't Exist: The Complex Myth Of Highly Intelligent, Creative People. Oct 10, ... The language of smart, creative people being “geniuses” and possessing the capacity for “genius” has far less to do with some innate processes in the brain than it does with humans’ desire to recognize greatness. We like categories.

What does the name geniuses mean?

Genesis Name Meaning. With a meaning as powerful as “the beginning,” Genesis is a Greek name loaded with potential. A reference to the beginning of Earth and man, the name is fitting for the gift of new life, especially if she’s a couple’s first child. Genesis works well with a number of today’s trends. She’s a word name, as are ...

Why are geniuses prone to anxiety and depression?

Why Are Geniuses Prone To Anxiety And Depression? Overthinking Everything. Neuroticism is a personality trait that is commonly associated with bouts of anxiety,... Sensitive Amygdala. People experiencing anxiety and fear on a regular basis have a super-sensitive amygdala. The... Not Always True. ...

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