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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Harvest Moon games for Android?

Walaupun sebenarnya Natsume sudah mengeluarkan Harvest Moon untuk perangkat Android yaitu : Harvest Moon : Light of Hope. dan juga Harvest Moon : Mad Dash. Tetapi memang masih banyak yang lebih suka dengan versi Harvest Moon : Back to Nature. Mungkin dikarenakan banyak yang ingin bernostalgia bermain game Harvest Moon seri Playstation 1 ini.

What is Harvest Moon Light of Hope special edition?

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition! The game encompasses twenty years of the spirit that have made the franchise what it is today! Looking for a fresh start and some new surroundings, you set off on a voyage to begin your new life! Unfortunately, the weather has different plans, as your ship is hit by a monsoon, and goes down!

Is Harvest Moon easy?

Although Harvest Moon may look easy from the cutesy anime graphics, don't be fooled. You'll have to do a lot of strategic thinking in the game, whether you are aware of it. Inputs (e.g. seeds and animals) and farm equipment cost money, so you will have to plan ahead of time and take seasonal weather into account.

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