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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HCPCS code for g0463?

I am looking for documentation guidelines for code G0463. I am coding for a hospital based outpatient infusion clinic. In the HCPCS, G0463 is described as "hospital outpatient clinic visit for assessment and management of a patient". This reads to me like an E&M service.

Can I use g0463 code instead of G code 99214?

Billing for the provider you will not use the G0463 at all. Use the appropriate CPT code for the E&M or any other procedure/service rendered. Molina Centennial paid G0463 when billed by facility, and denied 99214 when billed by provider. My question is, does the G code replace the e/m code?

What is the difference between g0463 and q3014 codes for telehealth?

Multiple hospitals expressed their confusion surrounding the use of the G0463 code versus the Q3014 code when the physician is providing a telehealth service to a patient in their home, which has been registered as a provider-based department.

What is the difference between g0380 and g0463?

Visits to a Type B emergency department are billed with G0380-G0384 Hospital outpatient clinic visits for assessment and management are billed with G0463.

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