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Frequently Asked Questions

What's going on with the Funimation drama?

Essentially, the current Funimation drama boils down to people failing to distinguish between firing people for inappropriate jokes and firing someone after an internal investigation into co-workers' claims of sexual violation. These two instances should not be treated exactly the same, regardless of what seething people on Twitter might think.

Are the Dragon Ball English voice actors making crude jokes?

As such, Funimation and, more specifically, the English dub of Dragon Ball, holds a very special place in the hearts of many anime fans. So imagine their surprise when audio leaked of Dragon Ball 's English voice actors making crude jokes in their character's voices.

Why is everyone talking about'Funimation exposed'on Twitter?

But the Twitter community seems to have jumped onto hashtags like #Funimation and #FuniLeaks and #FunimationExposed not only to express sadness about their "ruined childhoods," but to call Funimation out for hypocrisy over firing another voice actor earlier in 2019 over a multitude of sexual misconduct accusations. Goku is too pure for this sh*t.

What do you think about Dragon Ball?

For anyone completely out of the loop, Dragon Ball is a Japanese action series about beefy aliens punching each other. It's wonderful.

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