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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install macOS Big Sur on Mac?

Step 1: Back up your Mac. Step 2: Create a bootable drive of macOS Big Sur. Step 3: Erase your hard drive. Step 4: Install a new copy of macOS Big Sur. Note: If you are reading this article on the Mac you want to perform the clean install with, switch to another device or print this page before continuing so you can read along as you go.

Should I clean install Big Sur?

If you don’t want to clean install Big Sur just yet, you can place the new update on top of your current drive, which will preserve all the settings. If your Mac runs on OS X Mavericks or later, you can update directly to Big Sur. Note that Apple recommends you have around 35.5GB available storage and 4GB of memory on your macOS before upgrading.

How to install macOS from a bootable installer?

If you have an M1 or M2 Mac here’s how to install macOS from a bootable installer. As we mentioned above, you can’t install a macOS older than Big Sur on a Apple Silicon Mac. Turn off your Mac. Press the power button to turn on the Mac – but keep it pressed until you see the startup options window including your bootable volume.

How to do a clean install of macOS?

You should also keep in mind that there are multiple ways to do a clean installation of macOS. The traditional way was to make a bootable copy of the macOS installer on a USB stick and then reformat your drive before installing the bootable copy on to your Mac.

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