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Frequently Asked Questions

Is fortress clothing on 'Shark Tank' a good idea for your business?

While Lewis failed to woo any of the “Shark Tank” investors into becoming new Fortress Clothing partners, it’s an advantage for any small company to have the opportunity to appear on the nationally televised show and numerous contestants have gone on to great successes even without securing a deal.

Who is fortress clothing CEO Dale Lewis on Shark Tank?

Dale Lewis, far right, Fortress Clothing CEO and Spring City, Utah resident on the set of ABC reality show Shark Tank. While Herjavec stayed cozy in the cryo-chamber, he gave Lewis’ pitch the cold shoulder, telling the Utah entrepreneur he loved the products, but found the marketing messaging confusing.

What happened to the 5 sharks from fortress clothing?

Ultimately, all five of the sharks took a pass on becoming part of the Fortress Clothing effort. During his exit comments, Lewis said he was “shocked” to have left without a deal. A Fortress survival kit is pictured in Salt Lake City on Thursday, Jan. 2, 2020.

Is fortress clothing breathable?

When Dale Lewis established Fortress Clothing, the company made a lightweight, breathable layer of insulation for clothing worn by the men and women who work in oil fields and on construction sites in temperatures that can dip to -50°F. And yet the clothing was still comfortable in indoor temperatures up to 60°F.

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