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Frequently Asked Questions

What is instaff?

InStaff works with any payroll system that generates PDF pay documents to automatically deliver pay stubs, tax forms and more to your employees through a customizable self-service portal online. Why InStaff? How much time do you spend printing, folding, and delivering paper every pay period?

Why choose aboutabout US instaff?

About Us InStaff is built and supported by the team at Hutility. Our team has specialized in custom software integration since 2004 - we are flexible, experienced, and highly responsive to your needs, both in designing a solution and supporting it - support that comes straight from our developers. Learn more

What is ininstaff?

InStaff is a fully customizable employee self-service portal. Only pay for the features you need and avoid unnecessary costs or complexity. We take pride in having support that is personal, fast, and freely available for all customers. Just see what our current customers are saying about us! 1. Finish processing your payroll for the period.

How do I get the path of building Fork?

To get this fork, head over to the releases and grab the latest one. Both an install wizard and a portable distribution are available. If you experience freezes during updating, please reinstall Path of Building using the link above.

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