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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 511 traffic information system?

With the exception of Michigan and Ohio, all I-75 states and Florida have now adopted the national 511 traffic information system. This means that each 511 state updates its traffic and related information (see below) every few minutes, and makes it available to the public via phone (dial 511) and website (links below).

Is the I-75 north ramp to Florida's Turnpike closed?

Last updated at 04:23 AM. Cleared: Planned construction in Miami-Dade County on I-75 North, ramp to Florida's Turnpike. Off-ramp closed.

Is there traffic on I-75 near US 27?

Traffic north bound I-75 is at a stand still. Open Report US 27 shut down about 17 miles north of I-75, both northbound and southbound. Looks bad.

How can I get Real-time traffic alerts on I-4 in Florida?

Sign up for My Florida 511 to get personalized real-time text, email and phone alerts on I-4 and other major Central Florida roads. Information includes construction activity, crashes and incidents, congestion and more.

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