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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'files needing attention' in office?

Beginning with Office 365 for Windows version 1910, build 12130.20344 in Oct 2019 Microsoft rolled out a new process called ‘Files Needing Attention’ which will replace the Microsoft upload center functionality. They planned to push this to all versions of Office by end of 2020.

What happened to the upload Center in Office 365?

Additionally, if you are using the latest version of Office, The Upload Center is being replaced by the in-app Files Needing Attention experience for Microsoft 365 Apps. You may clear the cache from File > Options > Save > Cache Settings . For more information: Files Needing Attention FAQ (

How do I edit a Microsoft Word document that needs attention?

In File > Open, check for any files in that application that are showing as Files Needing Attention. Refer to the Microsoft article Files Needing Attention FAQ. From Files Needing Attention, you can open the file and re-save, or, you can discard the changes completely. Try editing a document again.

When will the files needing attention experience start rolling out?

The Files Needing Attention experience will start rolling out to the Microsoft 365 Current Channel first beginning May 2020 and will be introduced in other versions of Office over time. We plan to replace the Upload Center completely by the end of 2020 for the Current Channel customers.

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