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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fan art?

Fan-art is a broad category of art that includes any visual artwork inspired by a work of fiction you like, such as an anime, a television show, a novel series, or a comic book. Making fan-art is a great way to both show your love of a character or series, and practice your drawing skills. Part 1 Getting Started Download Article

What kind of fanart is on Etsy?

Some of the popular fanart available on Etsy include: fanart commission, fanart anime, and even fanart prints. Are the products on Etsy handmade? From handmade pieces to vintage treasures ready to be loved again, Etsy is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods.

What is the movie fanart section?

Our Movie Fanart section is a new section that was added when the new site went live, it has some of the favourite custom art types such as ClearLOGOs and cdART and allows skinners to create a consistent look. As with all our sections, images go through a moderation process to ensure the quality remains high.

How do I make my fan art unique?

Examples of this include drawing the character with a more realistic or cartoonish face, changes the proportions of the character, making other objects such as a fashion range inspired by your character, or adding details to his/her outfit. A common way to make your fan art a unique take on the original inspiration is to change the art style.

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