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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my neighborhood?

My Neighborhood is an interactive mapping application that allows users to find information related to addresses in Fairfax County. This application also includes links to other public web applications that have information about real estate tax assessments, land development, and zoning. View a brief instructional video.

Where can I find current election information in Fairfax County?

For current election information please call the Fairfax County Office of Elections at 703-222-0776.

What is the Fairfax County public schools boundary locator system?

The Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Boundary Locator System identifies the elementary, middle, and high schools as well as the Advanced Academic Program (AAP) centers for elementary and middle schools that serve a particular address for School Year 2022-23.

How can I View residential sales in my assessment neighborhood?

You can also view residential sales within a property's assessment neighborhood. Display of this public information on the Internet is specifically authorized by Code of Virginia §58.1-3122.2. Property characteristics and ownership information (including sale dates and prices) are updated twice weekly.

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