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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the overall theme of Fahrenheit 451?

Answer and Explanation: The main theme of Fahrenheit 451 is censorship. Through this book, Ray Bradbury warns his readers of the dangers of censoring literature. It is a slippery slope; once people begin banning books because their content is potentially troubling to readers, it becomes increasingly easy to make the judgment...

What would be the mood of Fahrenheit 451?

Two of the main moods in Fahrenheit 451 are dark and gloomy. The book creates a dark and gloomy atmosphere because of the government banning books and the war that destroyed the city. One of the main characters is Guy Montag. He is the protagonist that goes against the government.

What are the key events in Fahrenheit 451?

Here are eight key events from Fahrenheit 451: Montag meets Clarisse, his seventeen-year-old neighbour, whose way of thinking is very different to his own. She is carefree and non-conformist and more interested in tasting the rain than driving fast in her Beetle. At work, Montag attends a house where the lady stays to be burned with her books.

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