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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules of Eurovision?

The official rules of the Eurovision Song Contest are long, technical, and ever-changing. Many of the rules cover technical aspects of the television broadcast itself. However, a few of the more important rules affecting the conduct and outcome of the Contest follow.

Will Ferrell Rachel McAdams Eurovision?

Enter Netflix’s “ Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.” Starring Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams, the comedy centers around aspiring Icelandic musicians Lars and Sigrit as they fight to represent their country in the world’s biggest song competition. The supporting cast includes Dan Stevens, Demi Lovato, and Pierce Brosnan.

Will Ferrell Eurovision movie?

Jun 29, 2020 Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, a new Netflix movie starring Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams as an Icelandic singing duo. The soundtrack is teeming with catchy songs, like " Jaja Ding Dong " and " Lion of Love," and features an appearance from pop star Demi Lovato.

Will Ferrell Eurovision?

Will Ferrell was introduced to the Eurovision Song Contest in 1999 by his Swedish wife, actress Viveca Paulin. Sweden happened to win that year with the song " Take Me to Your Heaven ", which Ferrell mentions as a reason he became invested in the competition.

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