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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Eurovision stand for?

Production website. The Eurovision Song Contest (French: Concours Eurovision de la chanson), often simply called Eurovision, is an international song competition held primarily among the member countries of the European Broadcasting Union.

How does the Eurovision Song Contest work?

The format of the contest has changed over the years, though the basic tenets have always been thus: participant countries submit original songs, performed live on a television programme broadcast across the Eurovision Network by the EBU simultaneously to all countries.

Who won the first Eurovision Song Contest in 1958?

Lys Assia, the winner of the first Eurovision Song Contest, performing at the 1958 contest

How many countries participated in the first Eurovision Song Contest?

Seven countries participated in the first contest, with each country represented by two songs; the only time in which multiple entries per country were permitted. The winning song was " Refrain ", representing the host country Switzerland and performed by Lys Assia.

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