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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Geothermal Heat Pumps Energy Star?

Why ENERGY STAR? Geothermal heat pumps (GHPs) are among the most efficient and comfortable heating and cooling technologies currently available, because they use the earth's natural heat to provide heating, cooling, and often, water heating.

What is an ENERGY STAR certified heat pump?

Heat pumps that earn the ENERGY STAR are energy-efficient, keeping your home comfortably cool and warm, while saving money on your energy bills and reducing your impact on the climate. What is a Heat Pump? WHEN IS IT TIME TO REPLACE? Use this list to identify the brands that offer ENERGY STAR certified equipment.

What are the different types of geothermal heat pump systems?

Types of Geothermal Heat Pump Systems There are four basic types of ground loop systems. Three of these -- horizontal, vertical, and pond/lake -- are closed-loop systems. The fourth type of system is the open-loop option.

How long do geothermal heat pumps last?

System life is estimated at up to 24 years for the inside components and 50+ years for the ground loop. There are approximately 50,000 geothermal heat pumps installed in the United States each year. For more information, visit the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association.

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