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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to Naukri?

New to Naukri? check One click apply using naukri profile. check Get relevant job recommendations. check Showcase profile to top companies and consultants. check Know application status on applied jobs.

Is Naukri a good job board in India? is one of the few job boards in India that is constantly upgrading its features to make it easier for job seekers as well as recruiters. Some of the new good features are Secure login using OTP for sub users, Interactive drop downs, Candidate CV timeline & Recent searches/ Keywords.

What is the best job portal in India?

Resdex format of search criteria remains one of the best & most relevant among the new-bees of the various job portals. We use Naukri Resdex (the largest database of Jobseekers in India - over 54 million) extensively for closing our hiring requirements.

Is Naukri the best database search engine?

They appreciate Naukri’s services and highly recommend it as the one-stop solution to all the hiring needs of a company. has been always the first choice for any critical search. Our highest offer contribution across database search engines continuous to be from Resdex.

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