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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive email alerts in D365?

In order to receive email alerts, the email server should be configured first for the D365 environment. After the alert rule has been created, click the “Manage my alerts” button, also in the Options tab, to view the alert rules.

How do I send email notifications in Dynamics 365 Finance and operations?

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, you can define custom alert rules that monitor filtered views of data and automatically send email notifications when predefined events occur. The option to send email notifications is available for all supported alert types and can also be turned on for existing alert rules.

What happened to Dynamics 365 alerts?

As the most requested Dynamics 365 feature on, it is clear that the alerts have been sorely missed by early adopters. Even though Microsoft stated that the feature was not deprecated, this assurance did not help those who relied on alerts to stay informed of happenings in their business.

How are alert notifications delivered from the Action Center?

When the Send email option is set to Yes, alert notifications will continue to be delivered from the Action Center. The service sends email notifications by using predefined email templates that deliver the basic details of the alert notification. The following image shows the structure of the alert notifications when they are received by email.

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