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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I play elvenar?

Play as strong and methodical humans or as magical and creative elves. The choice you make will define what your fantasy city looks like. Elvenar is easy to play and fun. The city building is quick to understand and the game offers a friendly introduction that helps players to understand the game mechanics. The community is friendly and active.

Will elvenar be updated during the closed beta?

Yes, we are gathering and listening to feedback during our closed beta and beyond while constantly working on new content. So stay tuned, Elvenar will be updated regularly, new content will be added over time and any bugs we can find will be fixed.

How do I get the ancient elvenar to stop singing?

The ancient Elvenar will not be pleased to hear this, but your wish is their command. You can tell them to stop singing by accessing the game settings menu from the bottom right of your screen. Simply click on the “gear wheel” and then on the icon showing a musical note. You can also turn off the game sounds from the settings menu.

What are diamonds in elvenar?

Diamonds are the premium currency of Elvenar. You do not need to purchase Diamonds in order to play the game. However, Diamonds generally give certain benefits that speed up your progression. They can be bought with real money.

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