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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best electronic music of 2020?

The 30 Best Electronic Music Releases of 2020 1 Arca: KiCk i. ... 2 Autechre: SIGN. ... 3 Beatrice Dillon: Workaround. ... 4 Bullion: “Hula”. ... 5 DJ Python: Mas Amable. ... 6 Jayda G: “Both of Us”. ... 7 Kelly Lee Owens: Inner Song. ... 8 Loraine James: Nothing EP. ... 9 Lyra Pramuk: Fountain. ... 10 ML Buch: Skinned. ... More items...

What happened to dance music in 2020?

With euphoria in short supply and dancefloors shuttered around the globe, 2020 hasn’t been particularly kind to dance music. Outside the context of booming sound systems and late-night revelry, even the most expertly crafted club tracks have lost some of their luster, which makes the glittering elation of “For You” all the more precious.

Does dance music still have a future?

Combined with a string of compilations from MoMA Ready’s Haus of Altr label that showcased the strength and creativity of “ unabashed black electronic expression ,” they proved that, despite everything, dance music remains not just alive and kicking, but urgent as ever. —Philip Sherburne

Where can I stream electronic music in Europe?

A selection of the some of Europe's best clubs, across cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Manchester and Stuttgart – are hosting nightly streams featuring an array of underground electronic music talent. See the full schedule here. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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