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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best books for electronic music producers?

The Ultimate Book List for Electronic Music Producers 1 Creativity, Mindset and Learning 2 General Production (and Theory) 3 Mixing and Mastering 4 Business, Marketing and Industry 5 Misc

What is electronic music production and how does it work?

In short, electronic music production is the creation, arrangement, and refining of sounds and musical ideas. Let’s look at each of these individually. Let’s say you’re cooking dinner tonight.

Why should you read music production books?

Whether you’re a producer, composer, songwriter, or arranger, all of these books will help you improve your craft and ultimately help you earn more money from your work. And no matter the genre or style you work in, you’ll learn tips and techniques you can apply to any music tracks you write or produce.

How many producers have gone through the EDM foundations course?

Over 3000 electronic music producers have gone through the course with great results. So what’s it all about? EDM Foundations helps you master the fundamentals of electronic music production by making 4 songs in different styles.

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