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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the El Camino cafe located?

The El Camino Cafe is located on the ground floor of the new main hospital. Salads, sandwiches, hot meals, breakfast items, desserts, beverages, and snacks are available.

How long does urgent care take at El Camino health?

El Camino Health - Improved Technology Leads to Improved Patient Care. Find one of our Urgent Care locations. ER wait time. Los Gatos. 12 minutes. ER wait time. Mountain View. 6 minutes. Patients experiencing life-threatening symptoms will be seen first.

Is El Camino kitchen open on 4th of July?

We were very lucky - El Camino Kitchen was open past 8pm on July 4th. The location is great. We found them on the iPhone navigator. The El Camino turned out to be located close to the Illinois-Wisconsin borderline, on the nice Pleasant Prairie, WI road, between the Green Bay Road and the highway 41/94.

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