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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose El Camino College?

El Camino College always puts the success of students first. This is the best place to start working toward earning any degree.” Award-winning program has helped thousands of students successfully transition to college. Prospective students encouraged to tour the campus and learn about college academics, services.

Do I need JavaScript enabled to access cancanvas LMS?

Canvas LMS You need to have JavaScript enabled in order to access this site. Dashboard Canvas LMS Skip To Content Dashboard Login Dashboard Calendar Inbox History Help Close

How do I navigate my course in canvas?

Once you are in your course, you will see a course navigation menu next to the Canvas navigation menu on the left. It's a vertical list of different words in blue text, and each item takes you to a different screen in Canvas or in some cases a tool that plugs into Canvas:

How do I publish my course syllabus in canvas?

Once you click on the publish button, a dialogue box will appear in which Canvas will prompt you to “Choose Couse Home Page” with the following options: If your course is currently empty, we strongly encourage you to use the syllabus page, and then promptly upload your existing course syllabus document to that page.

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