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Frequently Asked Questions

What is vaping and how does it affect you?

Nearly every substance that you introduce to your body has side effects, including vaping. The negative effects are typically related to dehydration, nicotine addiction, and bacteria. Unlike harmful cigarette smoking, vaping doesn’t cause any long-term, harmful health risks, which makes it a good substitute.

What are the ill effects of vaping?

Most vaping side effects are caused by PG and VG, but this one is probably to do with nicotine. The first sign you’ve had too much nicotine is dizziness or nausea, so if you have problems, the first thing to do is take a break from vaping. If the problem persists, you probably need to reduce your nicotine strength to avoid the problem in future.

What effect does vaping have on your body?

Nicotine in e-liquid goes quickly from your lungs to your bloodstream. It causes your body to release adrenaline, a hormone that raises your pulse, blood pressure, and breathing rate. This could play a role in raising your heart attack odds. You may also feel more alert and need to cough.

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