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Frequently Asked Questions

How did the Commercial Revolution affect Europe?

The Commercial Revolution helped to connect Europe with the rest of the world through trade, commerce, and investing. It brought the European influence to other countries, and in turn these countries influenced Europe when it came to food, clothing, and other items.

What were the negative effects of the Commercial Revolution?

With money flowing and new companies being formed, it seems like the Commercial Revolution was about the greatest thing to ever happen to Europe. Although it did have many positive effects, it also had some negatives. One of these negatives came in the form of inflation.

What is the Commercial Revolution?

AP European History • The Commercial Revolution • J.F. Walters & G.W.Whitton •Commercial Revolution basics ✓a term used by historians to describe the collective effect of the development of a profit-based economy, growth of cities, increased trade, and rise of powerful groups of merchants.

How did mercantilism and the new world influence the Commercial Revolution?

Near the end of the Middle Ages, European commerce increased and helped spur the Industrial Revolution. Discover how mercantilism and the New World influenced the Commercial Revolution, and understand how the Commercial Revolution influenced banks, joint-stock companies, and inflation.

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