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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ed Sheeran famous song?

U.K. artist Ed Sheeran is a Grammy-winning singer/songwriter known for hit songs like 'Thinking Out Loud,' 'Photograph,' 'Shape of You' and 'Perfect.'.

What music does Ed Sheeran sing?

Ed Sheeran is a singer-songwriter (that is considered a genre in itself) and he plays mostly pop (not the modern EDM type) music, with an occasional touch of hip-hop (check out his album Multiply). He's also known for playing percussive guitar and beatboxing (kind of) along with his music.

Is Ed Sheeran single?

Ed Sheeran is SINGLE after revealing he has split from foodie girlfriend Athina Andrelos. The pair had been dating since early last year and seemed to be getting on well but reportedly had a serious of rows in recent months.

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