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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Ed Sheeran album?

Sheeran wrote Make It Right for the group in 2019, and it was featured in their album Map of the Soul: Persona. Big Hit Entertainment confirmed the new Sheeran song but stopped short at revealing the title of the song or its release date. That said, we do know that BTS will be releasing a CD version of their latest single, Butter, in July.

What is the latest Ed Sheeran album?

Ed’s last album was released in 2019, ‘Collaborations no.6 Project’, where he collaborated with a bunch of his favourite artists on each song. Ed Sheeran's releasing solo music for the first ...

What is the newest Ed Sheeran song?

The superstar singer, 29, has revealed he is releasing new music, which all starts with a song called Afterglow. What are the lyrics to Ed Sheeran's new song Afterglow?

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