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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Ed Sheeran appear in game of Thrones?

In Game of Thrones, he made a cameo appearance in the Season 7 premiere, " Dragonstone ", as Eddie. Showrunner David Benioff explained that they gave Sheeran the cameo because Arya actress Maisie Williams is a big fan of his, and they'd actually been trying to give him a cameo for several years now...

Why did Arya Arya join Ed Sheeran's 'game of Thrones' camp?

While Sheeran's character sang "Hands of Gold," Arya joined them at the camp before sharing their distaste for King's Landing. The singer's immense popularity at the time was a major factor in his casting, but it was also done as a treat for a cast member.

How well do you know Ed Sheeran?

Edward Christopher "Ed" Sheeran is an English singer-songwriter. Outside of his hugely successful career in music, he has had several acting roles, portraying Sir Cormac in the short-lived television series The Bastard Executioner and himself in episodes of Shortland Street, Undateable and Home and Away and the feature film Bridget Jones's Baby.

What is Ed Sheeran's real name?

Do you like this video? Edward Christopher "Ed" Sheeran is an English singer-songwriter.

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