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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best acoustic guitar for sale in Australia?

The CW80 is the Australian industry standard acoustic guitar. It has a few scrapes, dings, marks, and the top seam has very slightly opened as per the pics. Harmony Sovereign Parlor Guitar <p>For Sale is a Vintage Harmony Sovereign Parlor Guitar.

What are acoustic guitars?

Acoustic guitars are stringed instruments known for their rich, mellow sounds and beautiful tones that ring out across crowds. There are a range of styles to choose from, including electro-acoustic guitars that you can connect directly into amplifiers without additional equipment.

What kind of strings are used in acoustic guitars?

Classical and flamenco guitar styles tend to make use of nylon strings and pop/rock music steel. Many acoustic guitars are in fact electro-acoustic, meaning they can be used with an amplifier.

What type of guitar should I buy?

Great for smaller players or those who prefer an intimate sound, parlors can be used for both solo performances and full bands. Jumbo: The largest acoustic series, these instruments have big, rounded shoulders, and large cutaways. This is the loudest type of guitar, good for those who sing loudly or want to stand out in a band.

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