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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop the listener in Enterprise Manager?

You can use Enterprise Manager to stop the listener. To do so, navigate to the Listener: listener_name page by clicking Listener on the Home page. To shut down the listener, click Stop.

What do I do if the listener is not running?

If the listener is currently not running, re-start the listener service by running the “net start” command by filling in “XX” with the version being used: C:\Documents and Settings\ME>net start OracleOraDbXXg_home1TNSListener

What does “the listener supports no services” mean?

By the way, the formal error code of "The listener supports no services" is TNS-01030. In most cases, the message indicates that the database instance is closed, no any database services are available.

Do I need to set the local_listener parameter explicitly?

Normally, we don't have to set LOCAL_LISTENER parameter explicitly, because the database instance will look for an existing and appropriate local listener to register its services after startup. Once the listener accepts dynamic service registration, it facilitates connections to get database service subsequently.

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