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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some exercises for Dupuytren's contracture?

Another exercise is to hold your hand out flat in front of you with your fingers together. Next, spread your thumb out away from the other fingers, and then try to touch your thumb to the base of your pinky finger before returning your hand to the spread position. The most common surgery for Dupuytren's contracture is called fasciotomy.

How can I strengthen my fingers after dupuyten's contracture?

Finger strengthening exercises play a key role in restoring your hand to a functioning level. Strengthen your fingers by including an isometric finger flexion maneuver in your Dupuyten's contracture exercises. Either sit or stand upright and lift both hands in front of you while bending your elbows. Turn your palms toward each other.

Does Dupuytren’s contracture stretch to fingers and cords?

Key points for Dupuytren’s contracture stretches to fingers and cords, and palm nodules: Dupuytren’s contracture stretches must done gently and often.

Can Dupuytren's disease affect the palm of the hand?

Over the long haul, Dupuytren’s disease, otherwise call ed Dupuytren’s contracture, can influence the palm of the hand and the little and ring fingers. What is the best treatment for Dupuytren’s contracture? Cou ld Dupuytren’s contracture disappear without help from anyone else?

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