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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in Dupixent MyWay?

Patients can enroll in DUPIXENT MyWay by calling 1-844-DUPIXEN (T) or 1-844-387-4936 Atopic dermatitis: The most common adverse reactions (incidence ≥1% at Week 16) in adult patients are injection site reactions, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, oral herpes, keratitis, eye pruritus, other herpes simplex virus infection, dry eye, and eosinophilia.

How do I get support for Dupixent?

DUPIXENT MyWay provides prior authorization and appeals information you may need, as well as helpful examples and guides to assist in obtaining coverage for DUPIXENT. Using the drop-down below, select your patient’s condition. CoverMyMeds provides additional PA process-related support for DUPIXENT. Live support is available at

What is Dupixent MyWay and how does it work?

Patient and Co-pay Assistance: DUPIXENT MyWay helps eligible patients get access to therapy whether they are uninsured, lack coverage, or need assistance with their out-of-pocket costs. Co-pay support is available for people who have commercial insurance to help cover the cost of DUPIXENT.

What is the injection training program for Dupixent?

Additional Injection Training: The DUPIXENT MyWay program offers injection training services, including registered nurses who are available upon request to help eligible patients understand the proper way to inject DUPIXENT, as instructed by their healthcare provider. 1-844-DUPIXENT. Please see full Prescribing Information (PDF).

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