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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Gerard DuGalle?

Admiral Gerard DuGalle is a military leader in the United Earth Directorate, serving as the commanding officer of the UED Expeditionary Fleet and the main antagonist of the StarCraft expansion Brood War . Gerard DuGalle originally lived on Earth with his wife and children, serving as an influential admiral in the United Powers League Armed Forces.

Why did DuGalle not use the Zerg?

DuGalle accepted the mission, though he was uncomfortable with using the zerg to achieve victory, feeling that they represented an unnecessary risk and would rather employ more conventional tactics. Regardless, DuGalle commanded the force from the UED flagship, Aleksander, with his friend Alexei Stukov as his tactical advisor.

What did DuGalle say to Stukov?

"You must go into this with both eyes open." Shortly after arriving in the sector, Stukov and DuGalle witnessed a demonstration of the zerg attacking the base of a Terran Dominion colony. DuGalle had released the zerg onto an unsuspecting colony to "observe" them in warfare.

Why did DuGalle turn off the self-destruct on Duran?

Duran shot Stukov and disappeared to activate the disruptor's self-destruct. A dying Stukov convinced DuGalle that the psi disruptor was critical to defeating the zerg and that Duran was the real traitor, and possibly infested. So alerted, the UED quickly shut down the self-destruct.

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