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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dsaf?

This is a satirical take on the FNaF series where instead of hanging around during the night like a nightguard or a hooligan, you're there at an even scarier time. DURING THE DAY. D (ay)S (hift) a (t) F (reddy's) (or DSAF) is a visual novel and you use dialogue options and a map to navigate the pizzeria, each room has many activities ...

How do you get all the endings in dsaf?

DSAF Endings 1 Bono Ending. Finish the illegal level of the Breadbear game at the arcade and you will get the Bono ending. ... 2 Crafty Ending. This ending involves getting involved with Dave 's murder plan and killing the kids. ... 3 Gnarly Ending. ... 4 Mediocre Ending. ...

Are the textures and original content of dsaf copyrighted?

All textures, audio files, and original content goes to respective developers of the DSaF series. No copyright intended. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

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