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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a drift boat like?

I like to compare drift boats to motor vehicles. For example, a traditional high-side drift boat might be comparable to an extended-cab pickup truck—a jack of all trades, but master of none. They have plenty of space for cargo, and are maneuverable enough to handle every situation adequately.

Why choose rodro drift boats?

RO Drift Boats has been around for over 20 years outfitting fishermen with the finest, strongest, lightest drift boats with a lifetime warranty on the market. We offer five different models of drift boats to cover a variety of different waters and personal preferences. Made by fishermen for fishermen. Come experience the difference.

Can I order a custom drift boat?

Custom drift boat or drift boat accessory orders are welcome, please call our sales staff for details or view hundreds of parts in our online store. When You Just Gotta Go Fishing!

What is the best rowing drift boat?

Configurations for the fly angler and conventional angler- configure for both if you’d like With a precision rake built into every model, Willie Boats are known throughout the fishing world as the best rowing drift boat on the market.

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