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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does DPSS offer?

We also assist customers who are experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, substance use disorders, and we have many other social service programs available. DPSS’s mission and purpose is to Inspire Hope by helping people in need.

What is the Medicare savings program at DPSS?

DPSS provides health care assistance to Seniors as well as children and adults with disabilities. Medicare Savings Programs help pay for your Medicare premiums and/or deductibles and co-insurance fees. The Minor Consent program provides eligible minors temporary confidential Medi-Cal benefits without parental consent for certain services.

What is the DPSS service area viewer application?

The aim of this application is to allow staff and the public, to view the service areas covered by various DPSS programs, search for addresses and DPSS district offices, and allow for printing of boundary maps.

What is the DPSS calendar?

The DPSS Calendar displays calendar entries to the public and staff. Entries are displayed in listing and calendar month format.

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