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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download Kodi on my computer?

Follow these instructions to setup Kodi on your PC. First, go to the official Kodi download page and download the installation file. Once the process is complete, double-click on the file you have just downloaded. Your PC will prompt you to start the Kodi installation process. Once this is done, you can launch the Kodi app on your Windows device.

How do you set up Kodi?

This is a common problem depending on your Kodi setup and is very easy to fix! From the main menu, navigate to SYSTEM > Settings > Appearance Click on your “Settings Level” until it is set to either the Advanced or Expert level. Under the “Skin” section, scroll down until you see the “Zoom” field and set this to your liking.

How do you build Kodi?

Generally, installing a Kodi build follows the same procedure. The general steps are as follows: Add source to file manager. Install repository plugin. This step is not necessary in many cases, however. Install program add-on. Install build from the relevant wizard. Restart Kodi.

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