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Frequently Asked Questions

How to monitor Active Directory with Datadog agent?

Get metrics and logs from Microsoft Active Directory to visualize and monitor its performances. The Agent’s Active Directory check is included in the Datadog Agent package, so you don’t need to install anything else on your servers. If installing the Datadog Agent on a domain environment, see the installation requirements for the Agent

What is Datadog used for?

What is Datadog? Datadog is a tool that allows you to monitor cloud infrastructure, Windows and Linux hosts, system processes, serverless functions, and cloud-based applications. It can be used to visualize data, explore metrics, manage logs, and perform various other tasks. What are the main use cases for Datadog?

How to monitor Windows Service logs in Active Directory?

Remember to install the “Windows Service” and “WMI” Datadog Integrations from the Datadog web UI. A core source of service information within Active Directory instances are Windows system events. Finding the right logs to monitor is relatively straight-forward process: Open Windows Event Viewer (run eventvwr from the command line)

How do I monitor other hosts in Datadog?

If you’re already monitoring other hosts in Datadog, type your hostname in the Filter by field to limit the view to just your ActiveMQ host. Your ActiveMQ host is now sending CPU, memory, and other system-level metrics to your Datadog account. Next we’ll show you how to configure the Agent to collect and send ActiveMQ metrics.

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