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Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a seller on Daraz?

Simply download the new Daraz Seller Center App now on your Android devices and stay connected to your Daraz Shop. Happy selling on Daraz! Loading… With this release, you will be able to see why your registration was rejected and advise you how to fix it to become a seller on daraz.

What's new in the Daraz seller Center app for Android?

The all new Daraz Seller Center App for Android is now even more convenient than before! You can easily monitor your business almost anytime and anywhere. The App has a number of great features and you can now respond to growing customer demands at Daraz quicker and with more ease.

How do I open a shop on Daraz?

How Do I Open My Shop on Daraz? To register with Daraz as Seller, SMS “Daraz” space “Name” to 7575 now! Or head over to Daraz Seller Sign Up page on Daraz’s website. How Does Daraz Seller Work? What is Daraz Commission?

What are the benefits of selling on Daraz?

With the Daraz seller account, you get to reach millions of customers. In addition, Daraz helps your business by assisting with fast and reliable shipping, professional services to help you, no listing fee, fast and reliable shipping, secure and timely payment, and so much more!

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