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Frequently Asked Questions

Did the Three Stooges have any pets?

You can still catch those surprise canine cameos in some of the earliest Three Stooges shorts. “Typically having several dogs at any given time, Curly was known to come home often with strays he found along his travels. He would foster the strays until he was able to find new homes.

Who is Curley from the Three Stooges?

He was best known as a member of the American comedy team the Three Stooges, which also featured his elder brothers Moe and Shemp Howard and actor Larry Fine. In early shorts, he was billed as Curley.

Who are the Three Stooges in it's a Wonderful Life?

‘IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE’ ACTORS KAROLYN GRIMES, JIMMY HAWKINS RECALL MEMORIES OF BRINGING HOLIDAY FILM TO LIFE Circa 1940: The Three Stooges peer around a column while hiding. Top to bottom: Moe Howard (1897 - 1975), Larry Fine (1902 - 1975) and Curly Howard (1903 - 1952).

Was Curly Howard the best of the Three Stooges?

Curly Howard is considered by many fans and critics alike to be their favorite member of the Three Stooges. In a 1972 interview, Larry Fine recalled, "Personally, I thought Curly was the greatest because he was a natural comedian who had no formal training. Whatever he did, he made up on the spur of the moment. When we lost Curly, we took a hit."

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