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Frequently Asked Questions

What does UTC time zone stand for?

UTC+11 means a time zone that is 11 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time or UTC. UTC is the standard time zone of the world. Time zones are often named by how many hours they are different from UTC time.

What time is CST in USA?

CST Time. CST is the abbreviation of Central Standard Time (North America). This is the standard used in large territories of North America during the period from late October and till late of March. Central Standard Time (North America) is 6 hours behind the UTC universal time, and summer daylight saving time standard is 5 hours behind UTC.

Is CST and Est same time?

1.“CST” and “EST” are both abbreviations for time zones in North America. Central Standard Time is CST and Eastern Standard Time is EST. 2.CST is one hour behind EST. The Central Time zone is six hours behind Coordinated Universal Time, and Eastern Time zone is five hours behind.

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