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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an unconfined aquifer sometimes called?

Unconfinedaquifers are sometimes also called water tableor phreaticaquifers, because their upper boundary is the water tableor phreatic surface. Typically (but not always) the shallowest aquifer at a given location is unconfined, meaning it does not have a confining layer (an aquitard or aquiclude) between it and the surface.

How do confined aquifers recharge?

Confined aquifers may be replenished, or recharged by rain or streamwater infilitrating the rock at some considerable distance away from the confined aquifer. Groundwater in these aquifers can sometimes be thousands of years old. Unconfined Aquifers Where groundwater is in direct contact with the atmosphere through the open pore spaces of the overlying soil or rock, then the aquifer is said to be unconfined. The upper groundwater surface in an unconfined aquifer is called the water table.

What are the different types of aquifer?

Aquifers come in two types which are shown below: unconfined and confined. Unconfined aquifers are those into which water seeps from the ground surface directly above the aquifer.. Confined aquifers are those in which an impermeable dirt/rock layer exists that prevents water from seeping into the aquifer from the ground surface located directly above.

What is the difference between groundwater and aquifer?

Groundwater is a more general term, basically referring to any water that is retained in earth materials, accessible or not. An aquifer is a hydrostratigraphic formation that is generally well defined. It may or may not contain potable water, in sufficient volume for use. They are basically the same thing. An aquifer is like an underground sea.

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