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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a confined and an unconfined aquifer?

A Confined Aquifer differs from an Unconfined Aquifer in that the former is a distinct waterbody beneath the ground that is surrounded by numerous layers of rocks and other things. The latter, on the other hand, refers to a specific underground water source that is not surrounded by any such materials and is usually more exposed than the former.

How is a water table aquifer different from a confined aquifer?

A water table--or unconfined--aquifer is an aquifer whose upper water surface (water table) is at atmospheric pressure, and thus is able to rise and fall. Water table aquifers are usually closer to the Earth's surface than confined aquifers are, and as such are impacted by drought conditions sooner than confined aquifers.

What is a confined aquifer system?

A confined aquifer is an aquifer below the land surface that is saturated with water. Layers of impermeable material are both above and below the aquifer, causing it to be under pressure so that when the aquifer is penetrated by a well, the water will rise above the top of the aquifer.

How does the hydraulic conductivity of a confined aquifer differ from that of an unconfined aquifer?

Aquifer, confinedaquifer that is overlain by a confining bed with significantly lower hydraulic conductivity than the aquifer.

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