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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of compleanno?

'compleanno' in Other Languages. British English: birthday /ˈbɜːθˌdeɪ/ NOUN. Your birthday is the anniversary of the date on which you were born. ...his 24th birthday. American English: birthday. Arabic: عِيد الـمِيلاد. Brazilian Portuguese: aniversário. Chinese: 生日.

What is the difference between Felice and buon compleanno?

Compleanno means birthday. Know that: Even though felice means happy in Italian, felice compleanno is not commonly used. While buon compleanno means happy birthday, in Italy there are other ways to greet someone on their special day that are important to know: Perhaps the most common alternative to Buon Compleanno is Tanti auguri!

What is an alternative to buon compleanno?

Perhaps the most common alternative to Buon Compleanno is Tanti auguri! It means many wishes, but it’s like saying best wishes in English. While buon compleanno is specifically for birthdays, tanti auguri is a general greeting. Tanti auguri can be used for many other special occasions and holidays, like weddings, anniversaries, and even Christmas.

How many Auguri are there in buon compleanno?

600 Auguri di buon compleanno. Una raccolta delle migliori frasi di auguri Che il compleanno sia sempre una linea di partenza per nuove emozioni e gioie. AUGURI! Capita spesso che non si sappia come fare gli auguri di buon compleanno.

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