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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best irons in golf?

Best Irons for Mid-Handicapper # 2: Callaway Epic Irons. The Epic irons are world class iron that will appeal to a wide facet of golfer. A reasonably thick topline paired up with a compact face screams playability and will aid confidence especially with long irons.

What are golf irons used for?

Iron (golf) Irons are used in a wide variety of situations, typically from the teeing ground on shorter holes, from the fairway or rough as the player approaches the green, and to extract the ball from hazards, such as bunkers or even shallow water hazards.

What are game improvement irons?

Basically, game improvement irons (or game improvement drivers, etc.) are clubs that are a little bit easier to hit than other models. These are clubs that are designed for golfers who are either new to the game or still need a little bit of help getting the ball up into the air successfully.

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