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Frequently Asked Questions

What is commercecommerce insurance?

Commerce Insurance, also referred to as MAPFRE Insurance, offers home, auto and business policies to customers. The company works with more than 4,000 insurance brokers and agents. Customers in 16 states, including Ohio, Oregon, New York and Rhode Island have access to MAPFRE insurance policies.

How do I contact Commerce Insurance?

By email (billing): [email protected] By email (claims): [email protected] By email (general comments): [email protected] Commerce Insurance Claims Department 11 Gore Rd. Webster, MA 01570

How do I check the status of my commerce insurance claim?

Check on your claim status: If you have an existing claim with Commerce Insurance you can call 1-800-221-1605 in Massachusetts or 1-800-513-4813 in New Hampshire to check on the status of your claim. The claim department is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

What is the payment cycle for Commerce Insurance?

Commerce Insurance plans are billable on monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual cycles. Your payment details can be discussed with the billing department. If you need to change your payment plan you may be able to call to adjust your payment cycle. There are various insurances policies to choose from at Commerce Insurances.

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